About Us

Best Ofs mission is to identify some of the premier professionals and businesses alike in each area and in each area of expertise.

Becoming a Best of's Community Member:
You may apply for and be approved for a Best Ofs Community Membership. The Community Membership entitles you to the following benefits:
"Best Ofs Nominee” Title (upon approval) for the given year.
Eligibility to win the Viewers’ Choice Award.

Receiving the Best Of's Nominee Title:
Upon receiving at least ten (10) votes on bestofs.com, you will be granted the “Best Ofs Nominee” Title for that calendar year. At the sole discretion of the site producers, additional steps may be required from time to time prior to granting the “Best Ofs Nominee” Title.

Winning the Viewer’s Choice Awards:
Upon securing the "Best Ofs Nominee" title, you are now eligible to participate in the Viewers’ Choice Awards. The Viewers’ Choice Awards is an annual contest that awards one entity in each category the "Best Ofs" Title. The winners are selected by the bestofs.com’s visitors who vote for their favorite Nominees. For the most recent voting guidelines please visit: