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    Have you experienced an eye exam at the BEST possible level of care?

    What makes an eye exam at Attentive Eye Care Optometry so unique that patients would consider it as one of the BEST exam they have ever received? The answer is PREVENTION and EARLY DETECTION!

    PREVENTION is ensuring that each patient has a much better understanding and knowledge of how healthy their eyes are and what they can and NEED to do to maintain that level of health so that they can see clearly for as long as possible.

    EARLY DETECTION is possible with the state-of-the-art vision center that I have as there are instruments in my office that most offices do NOT have and such advanced technology allow me to detect eye diseases and problems at the earliest stages possible.

    Imagine walking out of an eye exam where you know how well you are seeing, whether or not you need glasses, and if you do, why you need the glasses. Imagine being able to see the inside of your eyes, evaluating how healthy they are, and getting a copy of the photographs for your record. Imagine knowing what you will need to do to keep your eyes as healthy as possible so that you reduce your risk for possible blindness.

    Are you currently receiving such HIGH STANDARDS AND HIGH QUALITY of EYE CARE? Does your current Eye Doctor has the latest in technology which will allow for the early detection of eye diseases and problems?

    We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the high standards and high quality of eye care that all our patients currently receive. CALL US NOW to schedule your appointment and COME ON IN and experience for yourself what an eye exam at the BEST possible level of care is like.

    BEST wishes to you and your family from all the doctors and staff at Attentive Eye Care Optometry! THANK YOU for entrusting us with all your EYE CARE NEEDS.

    Dr. Tran and staff

    Visit us on our website at for more information.

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